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Rotten eggs or a continuous burning-sulphur smell usually indicates a problem in the catalytic converter or other emission control devices. Do not delay diagnosis and repair.

Constant short trips of fewer than 10 miles will kill a battery.

Correct tire pressure aids in increased gas mileage.

Tires and brakes are your first line of defense – maintain them.

A windshield is a structural part of your vehicle – a cracked one is a serious hazard.

Never pour hot water on an iced windshield.

Hitting curbs and pot holes can cause your car to go out of alignment and tire damage.

Maintaining proper tire pressure is critical for performance and safety.

Make sure your car is clean when you take it in for service. They will take better care of your vehicle.

Don’t refuel when a tanker truck is unloading at the station. It stirs up debris that will get in your tank.

Make sure you have rental coverage on your car insurance. It is VERY inexpensive and will pay for itself.

Fuel your car when the weather is cool. You will get more fuel for your money.

Driving at a constant, even speed will aid in better gas mileage.

In case of emergency, pull as far off the road as you can, engage your hazard lights and extinguish your running lights.



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